Our Story

         My son and I were doing a project for his second grade class on the garbage patches in the ocean. Further internet research told us that most of our recycling doesn’t get recycled! As we kept reading, we learned that micro-plastics get absorbed into the atmosphere then rain back down on us. We were both shocked. I knew some of these things before but there was something about reading them with my son that made me feel like I had to act. I decided to start replacing our single use plastic items. Most things needed to be ordered off the internet, five items in (though I was thrilled with the cool products people are making) I was starting to feel like I needed a spreadsheet to keep track of each item and where I was sourcing it from. If I was going to make using less plastic a regular habit these products needed to be in one place and available when I needed them. To really make a difference a lot of people need to choose less plastic and my mission is to make that choice more convenient for you. Let’s do better, together.