Good Habits

Good habits = local creativity. We asked our customers how they use our MacRae's product in different ways than intended, how they reuse them, or how they are otherwise innovative and sustainable in their lives. Below you'll find a list that can inspire habits in your own lifestyle.


Laundry Booster Powder – perfect for cleaning tile grout and bathtubs
Revive Makeup Removing Balm – like a moisturizer, it hydrates and softens dry spots
Prep Primer – an after-shave balm to soothe razor burn
Baby Bum Diaper Salve – a soothing healing balm for scrapes
Lip Balms – dry back of hand treatment
Makeup products intended for one area work great for others!
Tinted lip balms make great cheek color; cheek color sticks work for eye and/or lip color; and our highlighter sticks are perfect for eye color
Dish Block – an unlikely stain stick for your clothes
Unpaper Towels – great for painting projects, clothing patches, baby burp cloths, napkins
Zerra & Co. Makeup Remover – a simple, water-free face wash
Made Simple Moisturizers - can be used to moisturize your whole body, even the ends of your hair or scalp
Bee’s Wraps – keeps a bowl or plate from sliding off of your counters and tables, especially around pets or little ones!
Bamboo Tooth Brushes – when you are done with it, use it as a small, multi-purpose brush!

In this list, we wanted to include more than just our products- our customers use so many household products in a number of unique ways which everyone can learn from. Scour your house for these products and try these tactics out! Let us know how they go, or reach out if you have any innovative tricks up your own sleeve. Email:


Herbal Tea – the perfect calming and aromatic bath soak. Experiment with different types, as they all have different properties!
Olive Oil and Coconut Oil – can be used as hand or even full body moisturizers all on their own!
Vinegar – with a little bit of baking soda, your everyday vinegar kills weeds, clears drain clogs, and can help remove rust
Apple Cider Vinegar can become an simple hair conditioner with just a few other ingredients (2 tbsp vinegar, 12 oz water, 5 drops rosemary, 5 drops lemon)
Scarves and Cloth Scraps – can be used as unique gift wraps. Come into the store and check out our Furoshiki gift wraps, a traditional Japanese fabric, for inspiration.
Cloth Diapers and Burp Cloths – make great cleaning cloths for any mess, not just those caused by a little one
Compost Scrap Bags can be used to store food in the fridge because they will not break down at colder temperatures. When you are done they can then be composted!
Speaking of food scraps, collecting your assorted vegetable scraps in a bag in your freezer for your next vegetable broth. Just boil it all together and strain out the vegetable chunks.
Additionally, your spare orange peels can be dehydrated and then ground into a powder to add some flavor to your yogurts, ice creams, or whatever else you're cooking!
Hand Sanitizer – an unlikely freshener and sanitizer for armpits, shoe soles, or anything else
Empty containers – bring them in! We'll sanitize them in our bottle sanitizer and provide them at a low cost for our customers to fill them up at our bulk refill station or any other need!
Jars can be used for random projects, like sand art or terrarium creating!
Empty egg cartons are perfect for starting seedlings in a mini-greenhouse environment and for many craft projects
2 Liter Bottles - punch very small holes in the bottom, insert into your soil, and add water to slowly water your plants! Perfect for when you're traveling for extended periods.
Plastic and Ziplock Bags- can be washed and reused!